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            Japanese domestic scrap prices to rebound

            According to statistics compiled by the Japanese source of iron, steel scrap this week, Japan's three major Kanto region, central and Kansai No. 2 heavy steel scrap average price of 34,065 yen / ton (406 U.S. dollars / ton), higher than last week 790 daysyuan, the first time since the first week of March, a rebound.Seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe in which waste Kanto on the 2nd re-delivery price of 34,567 yen spot / ton, higher than last week ¥ 1,634 / ton; central part of the 33,060 yen / ton, up 400 yen /t; Kansai is ¥ 34,567 / ton, up 334 yen last week / ton.
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